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Homebuyers Survey Photographs of a Derby semi detached house dating from about 1910 prepared by Independent RICS Property Surveyors

We found structural movement, a long standing leak, frost eroded bricks and an insecure ceiling

Modest terrace with shared side path and side doors to reduce plot width. Solid brick walls and new slate roof. The bay window has not been replaced with plastic probably due to the likely expense.


Angled ceiling in the annex again to reduce the expense of constructing full room height walls. The angle is unlikely to be insulated and will be cold and prone to condensation. It may be possible to push rigid insulation down from the roof void. Stuffing soft insulation into the angles should be avoided as it prevents ventilation encouraging condensation.


The solider arch has dropped probably due to historic foundation movement. As the brick drops it jambs thus repairing the arch.


This leak is likely to eventually soak through the solid wall


Cheap but horrendous looking concrete lintel and spalling brickwork


The ceiling is likely to be original. Pre - WWII ceilings are formed by squeezing plaster through thin lathes. The plaster is very brittle and easily broken by thermal movement or vibration and old ceilings are thus prone to collapse. At present the textured coating is retaining the plaster.


Most pre WWII reception rooms have a chimney breast. The lack of one in this room may be indicative that a first floor or attic chimney breast is no longer supported.

Salts and slight disturbance of the decoration. Relatively dry when tested with a moisture meter. The salts have probably leached out of previously damp brickwork. They may be water absorbing encouraging more dampness,



 Lost brick faces due to freeze thaw of damp bricks.

Another dropped soldier arch probably due to historic foundation movement. Loss of nearby pointing and brick faces due to frost damage makes it look more alarming. The frost action may indicate that the roof has at some time leaked into the head of the wall.


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