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Loughborough RICS Chartered Surveyors report on a 1905 detached house



 Detached house constructed about 1905


Rear elevation. If you blow up the photograph you may be able to see repointing of the wall above the angled conservatory roof and that the brickwork to the left of it slopes probably due to initial settlement of the foundations or later coal mining subsidence.


Typical vertical fracture between openings in the structure. The brick between the openings is relatively weak due to its small size. Thermal movement beyond the brickworks elasticity will result in a fracture that is likely to vary in size with temperature. The fractures can be stitched with stainless steel ties but this may cause the building to move in another location.



The variation on the units plinth shows the slope on the floor correpsondig to the slop of the bricks on the rear elevation

The ceramic pipe leads from the rain water downpipe and will allow water on to the pavement. There is a risk of a claim for injury if somebody slips on an icy pavement

The glazing units in these French windows and some windows are heavily misted with moisture due to failure of the edge seals. The seals often fail if they sit in water due to a failure of the drainage channles at the base of the frame. The only remedy is to replce the glazing unit.

A valley between the house and conservstory. Negleced due to being out of sight and difficult to access. It is gradually accumulating debirs. When clearing becomes essential it is likely to be expensive due to access difficulties.

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