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Derby Surveyors Homebuyers Survey Report on a 1981 Timber Framed Semi detached house


This was a Homebuyers Survey of typical 1981 timber framed Derby semi detached house. Few clues from the exterior that it has a timber frame


Grass in the gutter is usualy a sign of silting caused by a poor fall.


A flat felt roof on living accomdoation is always a sign of an extension. The ponding is due to a poor fall of the roof, possibly due to a wrong choice of timber for the deck. Some composites are prone to sagging if affected by condensation. Any failure of the roof in this area is likely to allow a lot of water to enter the building.


Original 1980's fuse box. Of particualr concern to our Chartered Surveyors is the lack of RCD protection particuarly as the small fuse box serves an electric shower.

Check that spots are not covered with insualtion as it can cause them to over heat. In this case one of the sots was over a bath and should have protection aginst condensation



Evidence of a past leak where a flue passes through the first floor ceiling. As the flue is exposed in a wardrobe care should be taken that it does not get hot.


The gable end of the roof void is closed with plywood rather than bricks or blocks. A sure sign of a timber frame house



The party wall gable is finished with fire proof boards to prevent the spread of fire from one property to another.




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