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Derby surveyors Homebuyers Survey Report on a 1933 Terrace house

There was evidence of  beetle infestations, dampness, rusting steel and lack of parking arrangements. Further investigation before exchange of contracts was suggested for all of these matters due to the high cost of remedial works. Our surveyors were particuarly concerned by humping of a concrete floor as mortgage surveyors might make the property unsuitable for lending purposes.



This was a Homebuyers Survey of typical 1933 ex local authority end terrace house. Cavity brick walls concrete lintels and concrete tile roof. Vents suggest that the roof is a replacement. Our surveyors suggested that it might be possible to insulate the cavity by injection.


Water has entered the concerte allwoing the reinforcing steel to corrode the expansion of which forced of the concrete allowing more water to enter. Our surveyors suggested treating the steel with an inhibitor and a small mortar patch to prevent serious deterioration.


Evidence of beetle activity in a timber ground floor. The date and extent of the activity is not clear. The boards and joists were firm at present suggesting that the infestation may be superficial. Our surveyors suggested it would be wise to lift a small areas of the floor boards and check the structure before exchange of contracts

Damp stains on a chimney. Probably due to condensation. Condensates in chimneys can contain salts that attract moisture. Our surveyors suggested venting the flue at the top and bottom to help remove condensation and replastering over a sand and cement render to ensure that any contaminates are trapped.

The head room above the stairs is only 6'0 about two feet short of the current building regulation requirements. Our surveyors suggested getting a hard hat as to move the stairs would require a complete re-modelling of the property.


The floor has humped. The cause is not clear. Could be trapped moisture below a bitumen covering or expansion of the concrete floor slab. The latter would make the property unsuitable as a security for a mortgage. Our surveyors suggested that further investigation before exchange of contracts including a chemical analysis of the floor slab was essential.


No hand basin between this wc and the kitchen sink is a health hazard


The projecting boxing and drain pipe are likely to indicate that the property once had a back boiler. Such boilers are no longer allowed as they draw air from the room rather than externally.



 The back boilers thirty year old replacement. Our surveyors advised that it is likely to be relatively inefficient and some parts may be hard to obtain. However our surveyors pointed out that its simplicity of, and good construction, mean it is likely to have a long low maintenance cost life span.

Rusty radiator and severe damage to the plaster on the chimney breast. Is is not clear if this is a damp proof course failure, rain entering the chimney or due to old fireplace contaminates. Our surveyors suggested further investigation before exchange of contracts.